Saw Types

using a saw

A saw is a basic workshop tool for people who love to do woodwork. You need to make sure that you look for a saw that will make your work easy when doing your work. There are many types of tools available for cutting wood, and it might be confusing to buy a good tool. It is always advisable to look for a saw that will be able to do multiple functions in your workshop. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right saw:


Hand Saw

hand sawA hand saw is the manual operated saw, and it is available in almost all the workshops. This saw is used in splitting small pieces of wood because it is manually operated. It might not have the power that is required to cut large chunks of wood.

This is the best saw to buy if you are starting out on woodwork or if you want to do small tasks around the home. With a hand saw, you do not need to have an external source of power. It is also a simple tool use and runs.

Scroll Saw and Band Saw

These saws are confused because many people tend to think that they are used for cutting curves. However, it is important to understand the working of bandsaw vs scroll saw. A scroll saw is used for cutting very small curves and it can even cut a pin sized curve. However, when cutting big curves, a band saw is the right tool to use.

Miter Saw

miter sawUnlike a hand saw, a miter saw is a little bit complex. With a miter saw you could make angle cuts because you can easily adjust it and cut according to precision. Using a miter saw is fast because the motor does the work and you do not have to do things manually. We have different types of miter saws like the basic, compound and sliding compound. The best thing about a miter saw is the fact that it can be used in cutting metal.

Table Saw

A table saw is placed on the table and can be used to cut big pieces of wood into smaller one. Using a table saw, it is easy to cut a piece of wood in a straight line. When using a table saw, it is possible to cut wood with grain. Unlike other pieces of a saw, a table saw is not mobile, and you need to look for a specific place in the workshop to keep it.